Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the inner nerve of a tooth becomes affected by decay or infection. When this happens, the tooth may become extremely sensitive to both pressure and temperature, and intense pain can be expected. In the initial stages of decay and infection, it is possible that no symptoms will be present, but in the advanced stages of decay and infection an abscess (pimple-like inflammation on the gums) will form.

To protect your natural tooth, our dentists, Drs. Pecora, Langner, Zaremba, Jourdan, and Vravick, may recommend root canal therapy. At, we are happy to offer root canal therapy to restore full functionality to the tooth and mouth, and will not cause any future problems with adjacent teeth.

Our dentist may recommend root canal therapy if:

  • Decay has reached the tooth pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth)
  • Infections or abscesses have formed inside the tooth or at the root tip
  • The tooth has been damaged or experience trauma

After root canal therapy, our team will cap the repaired tooth to protect it from further damage and infection. If you have any questions about the benefits of root canal treatment in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. We invite you to visit or call us today. We are excited to hear from you!

Root Canals